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About the Ambassador Program MENTHOL FORCE

We are very excited you are here! First of all, welcome to our website and thank you for the interest in Menthol Force Ambassador Program. You are just one click away to become an ambassador of  one of the most coolest ReFi Web3 projects in the space.
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Who You Are

  • A sustainability enthusiast, a fighter against Climate Change
  • Passionate about Web3 and crazy about ReFi
  • Eager to get more involved with the Menthol Protocol team and help the project grow
  • Want access to the world of ReFi
  • Want to be part of Team Building strategies of MentholDAO
  • Interested in building relationships within the community
  • Excited to generate an impact in the ReFi space and in the world fight against Climate Change
  • A Complete ReFi Regen!

What You'll Do

  • Participate in regular update calls with the founding team + other Ambassadors
  • Host local meetups with your local community
  • Create and promote content by writing medium posts, youtube and Tiktok videos.
  • Establish partnerships with promising projects in the ReFI space, NFTs, Metaverse and all the web3 projects possible.
  • Community Management and Moderation
  • Contribute to growth
  • Mentor others starting in the Refi Space
  • Greater involvement in decision-making processes by providing direct feedback to relevant Project officials.
  • Raise awareness about Sustainability, Climate Change, and REGENERATION

Menthol Force Benefits


Direct access to the Menthol Protocol team and leadership for guidance and support. This will advance your career in the Web3 space. We will make sure you receive the recognition and credits.


Access to private Discord Channels and Telegram group

Early Acess

You will be the first (all-in-access) to be notified and to know about our events, NFT releases, and major updates

Swag & Prizes

Earn exclusive swag

Prizes to events such as NFT NY or ETH Denver

all expenses paid for you and a friend to one of our team meetups

$Cool Tokens

Community Force

We are a community-driven project and in we need a dedicated Special Community Force. So, Imagine you are like the S.W.A.T but for communities. What the heck does that mean?

  • You will travel far and wide in the web3 space, metaverse world, and NFT universe! to spread the Cool MentholDAO Revolution to the masses.
  • You will help us grow our Discord and Telegram Communities
  • The more invites you send (Do not spam anybody Lol) you will be awarded with a special Discord Icon + Color + Role + Mod Role!
  • Manage regional/local Menthol communities
  • Organize AMAs, Events, and meetups

Content Magicians

  • You will create insightful, creative, informative, wacky, & crazy content that gets the people going!
  • Write articles & guides on ReFi & our products
  • Memes, gifs, & videos on the problems we solve
  • Create educational content & tutorials about ReFi

Master of Partnerships

You will help us bring the Menthol Protocol experience to new Dapps, Exchanges, Metaverse, Games, and everything else in between.

  • Advocate the benefits and the impact we are generating to the Climate Positivity to every project out there.
  • Refer us to potential integrations (Of course you will be compensated)
  • Connect us to core devs, ReFi Regens, and environmental personalities/professionals.

Path to be part of the Menthol Force

  • First share with your community, friends, and family on your social media channels, Discord, Facebook and Telegram.
  • Submit an application (Link to the form)
  • Interview with the team First Round
  • Interview with the team Second Round
  • Congrats! You are part of the coolest program in the ReFi World
  • Now, let's change the world.
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