Making web3 the first climate-positive industry

It's never been easier for users, dapps and even entire networks to be automatically climate-positive. Become Cooler. Simply Menthol.

The Coolest Blockchain Protocol Yet!

Menthol Protocol is pioneering the first omni-chain decentralized sustainability protocol. Our platform automatically calculates and offsets the environmental impact of user and dApp transactions using globally verified renewable energy and carbon credits.

We empower developers and users to achieve climate-positive outcomes in a decentralized, automated way. Designed for ultimate composability and pluggability, Menthol Protocol aspires to be the leading omni-chain sustainability middleware for the DeFi and NFT spaces. Join us in making a meaningful impact on the environment while advancing Web3 technology.

We work with the Best!

Simply Menthol

on autopilot

Automatically make your future transactions emission-free. Menthol Protocol automatically tracks your on-chain emissions and energy consumption and sources the highest quality green tokens from different marketplaces for you. It only takes 5 minutes to be cooler.


No coding skills?
No worries! Be Cool!

Build climate-positive dApps effortlessly without writing a single line of code. We make it incredibly easy to integrate sustainability features into your smart contracts. Setup takes just a few minutes, and without any impact on user experience! 😎

While Cooling Your Favorite dApps

Want to make a difference and earn rewards too? Create a CoolPool, rally your community to go sustainable and earn rewards for your efforts! 🌱


Show Your Support

Help the communities you love shine even brighter! Contribute to CoolPools to help your community go climate-positive! ☀️

The coolest blockchain protocol so far!

Meet the Ecosphere


Maximize gains while staying green! CoolSave uses staking and lending interest to offset activities. Stake $COOL to earn rewards and support a greener future.

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Create a CoolPool to offset activities and boost sustainability. Manage crowd-funded pools to maximize impact and earn rewards!

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Menthol CoolScore gauges the sustainability performance of major dApps and blockchain networks.

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A curated registry of tokenized green assets approved by Menthol DAO, boosting ecosystem sustainability and ensuring impactful offsets for a greener future.

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A premium reserve of discounted green assets from our sustainability partners. Staking $COOL rewards you with access to these impactful offsets and supports ecosystem sustainability.

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