Ultimately, Menthol Protocol will be wherever there is a will to turn the climate crisis into climate action. Menthol Protocol is committed to enabling any blockchain network, dApp, or user to achieve net-zero emissions.

Our goal is to empower climate leaders within decentralized communities to drive regenerative and sustainable growth.

About Us

Menthol Protocol is dedicated to support sustainability partners that can transparently demonstrate the largest measurable positive environmental impact while improving the socioeconomic material conditions of local communities.


Menthol Protocol aims to enable any user or dApp to be 100% sustainable. The first step will be releasing the protocol and partnering with DEXs and NFT markets. The next steps will be towards decentralization through on-chain governance and the launch of the fully-fledged protocol.


  • Trust: Open source by nature, decentralized at our core, we strive to provide our community with a purpose-driven sustainable protocol.
  • Community: With inclusivity and gratitude we are building a community galvanized to make the world a cooler place.
  • Impact: We are determined to save our planet and want to employ the rest of the world to follow suit.
  • Integrity: Built on uncompromising rectitude and ethical standards while serving our community and planet.
  • Accountability: We honor our commitments and autonomously allow our team and community to take action.
Ask Minto
Hi, My name is Minto. you can ask me anything about Menthol Protocol :)