Ultimately, Menthol Protocol will be wherever there is a will to turn the climate crisis into climate action. Menthol Protocol is committed to enable any blockchain network, dApp and user to achieve net-zero emissions.

The goal is to empower climate leaders within decentralized communities to drive the transformation towards sustainable growth.

About Us

Menthol Protocol is dedicated to support sustainability partners that can transparently demonstrate the largest measurable positive environmental impact while improving the socioeconomic material conditions of local communities.

The Team

Selim Satici
Energy Wızard
Erhan Yildirim
Operation Master
Mohamed Hassan
Green Block Bender
Amir Sultan Malik
Marketing senseı
Daniel Knez
Erdem Unal
Kick Ass Developer
Gokhan Taskan
Deniz Matar
Aytek Gurkan
art JEDI
Ashley Kualii
Governance Queen
Manuel Owono
dıgıtal dynAmo
Mojtaba Parvar
web3 frontline warrıor
Egemen Gol
solıdıty rockstar
Jay Sun
Tech Youxia


Menthol Protocol aims to enable any user or dApp to be 100% sustainable. The first step will be releasing the protocol and partnering with DEXs and NFT markets. The next steps will be towards decentralization through on-chain governance and the launch of the fully-fledged protocol.


  • Launch the official website
  • Publish Menthol Protocol greenpaper
  • Partnership and proof-of-concept with WISeArt NFT marketplace
  • Release Menthol Bot to provide automated sustainability and onboard early partners


  • Onboard major green partners including Regen Network, Energy Web Chain
  • Release open-source, universal emission and energy consumption calculator for PoW and PoS networks
  • Launch on Polygon and Avalanche


  • Release Menthol GreenIndex
  • Integrate GreenIndex with major price-tracking crypto sites and crypto data analytics platforms
  • Ethereum L1/L2 support & integration


  • Token generation event
  • Launch Menthol DAO
  • Support major EVM-based blockchain networks
  • Introduce GreenVault to earn passive-income and fund green pools automatically


  • Publish API/SDKs for off-chain consumers and software applications
  • Onboard traditional enterprises into the Menthol ecosphere
  • Cross-chain support of popular blockchain networks
  • Transition towards fully-decentralized governance and protocol updates

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