Become a Menthol Protocol Contributor

Menthol Protocol Contributor

Welcome future Menthol Force Contributor. Our program is designed for influencers, personalities, KOLs, software developers, smart contract enthusiasts, blockchain policy gurus, and much more. Let us know your area of expertise and how you’ll contribute to the Menthol Protocol regenerative and climate-positivity mission. 

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What is the Menthol Protocol?

  • Menthol Protocol is a no-loss, decentralized sustainability/regenerative protocol that will automatically power user or dApp transactions with verified renewable energy and carbon credits. In the future users will also be able to offset their off-chain emissions and/or energy consumption to make the world a COOLER place.

Criteria & Responsibilities

  • We are looking for CORE Contributors to provide assistance in their area of expertise to help Menthol Protocol’s team. If you're a smart-contract developer you’d be a good fit for our technical team. If you’re an influencer you’d be perfect for our marketing team. Ultimately, you’ll be the original contributors of our MentholDAO. Future contributors should possess the following: 
  • - A degree
    - Web3 Experience 
    - Some Social Media Exposure and Experience 
    - Command of the English Language 



Direct access to the Menthol Protocol team and leadership for guidance and support. This will advance your career in the Web3 space. We will make sure you receive the recognition and credits.


Access to private Discord Channels and Telegram group

Early Acess

You will be the first (all-in-access) to be notified and to know about our events, NFT releases, and major updates

Swag & Prizes

Earn exclusive swag

Prizes to events such as NFT NY or ETH Denver

all expenses paid for you and a friend to one of our team meetups

$Cool Tokens

Community Force

We’re a community-driven project and need dedicated specialists to be part of our Contributor Program. What a day in the life of a Contributor might look like:

  • You’ll travel far and wide in the web3 space, Metaverse, and NFT universe
  • You’ll support the team and be expected to deliver on tasks
  • Learn from rocket, carbon, environmental, and marketing experts
  • Build your network and knowledge
  • Organize AMAs, Events, and meetups

If a Contributor does not meet the expectations of their respective teams their tenure payment of $COOL will not be disseminated. Here at Menthol Protocol, we want to maintain a clean, effective, and communal space. Negative or insulting behavior will not be tolerated and will result in immediate termination. If this sounds like something you’d like to take part in, we’d love to hear from you. 

Path to be part of the Menthol

  • Thank you for your interest in Menthol Protocol where we are COOLing the planet one transaction at a time! 
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