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Climate change is an issue that affects each and every one of us. For this reason, we would like our mission and vision to be broad, carried by talented individuals from all over the world, and multiplied into a future-oriented canon of regeneration!

To consider this maxim, we set up an ambassador program that addresses anyone who wants to stand up and act to give Mother Earth a chance to recover from the catastrophic environmental damage of the last 100+ years! In order to automate regeneration as-a-service and make it accessible to everyone, the MENTHOL FORCE Ambassador Program calls for unity and collaboration.

Are you a sustainability enthusiast, a fighter against Climate Change? Are you passionate about Web3, crazy about ReFi, and eager to get more involved with the Menthol Protocol team?

>> Then You’re the perfect candidate to demonstrate your talents and skills to be a part of one of the COOLest ReFi movements!

In today’s article, we will detail our Ambassador program, introduce you to the goals of MENTHOL FORCE, and how you can actively join our mission.

Currently, Menthol Protocol is a team of 20+ people worldwide. From the US to LATAM, from Europe to the Mideast, we have already established a broad-based team that creates and formulates the core of our vision.

We are ReFi specialists, experienced entrepreneurs, marketing aces, innovative developers, design icons, strategic masterminds, content creators, and community magnets.

We all want the green change, swallow the green pill, and live our own claim to be better than just “OK.” Sustainability is not enough for us; regeneration is our Holy Grail and uncompromising goal!

Through MENTHOL FORCE, we are now reaching out to everyone who understands that more is more: We want to unite more like-minded people around us, learn and benefit from them. More knowledge promotes better results, more manpower brings more movement, more mouthpieces achieve more awareness, and more awareness leads to faster growth and change!

As part of the MENTHOL FORCE, you are invited and encouraged to become active in a wide range of fields where YOU see your strengths. As a first overview, we have divided the fields of activity of the MENTHOL FORCE into three segments:


Behind these three fields, whole worlds are opening up, growing, and expanding their form daily. As a ReFi-StartUp, we are in uncharted territory; there is no manual we can look at and no set of rules we have to follow. Innovation and creativity are therefore required in all aspects and are probably the greatest common denominator of these three subgroups.

Therefore, a first in-depth look at the segments serves primarily to provide orientation and classification but has neither the intention nor the claim to be understood as “complete.” On the contrary, we would like every participant in the program to think outside the box to expand and optimize the horizons of the defined goals and methods.

As a member of the COMMUNITY FORCE, you will:

  • Travel far and wide in the web3 space, metaverse- and NFT universe!
  • Spread the Cool MentholDAO Revolution to the masses.
  • Help us grow our Discord and Telegram communities.
  • Manage regional Menthol communities.
  • Organize AMAs & meetups, as well as local- & digital.
  • Deal with analytics and -KPIs to help our core team always stay ahead and achieve the best outcome for the entire community.


  • Helping us bring the Menthol Protocol experience to new Dapps, Exchanges, Metaverse, Games, and everywhere else.
  • Connecting us to core devs, ReFi Regens, and environmental personalities/professionals.
  • Promoting our project’s benefits and positive impact to all ventures out there.
  • Refering us to potential integrations (Of course, you will be extra compensated!).

As a wizard of the CONTENT MAGICIANS, you should:

  • Generate insightful, creative, informative, wacky, & crazy content that gets the people going!
  • Write articles & guides on ReFi & our products.
  • Create memes, gifs, & videos on the problems we solve.
  • Set up educational content & tutorials about ReFi.

Each participant of the MENTHOL FORCE will be rewarded for their support and participation!

Ensuring the survival of our planet is priceless! Therefore, we want to meet your commitment on an equal footing and offer various benefits to the members of the MENTHOL FORCE.

To name the most important ones:

  • RESOURCES: Direct access to the Menthol Protocol team and leadership for guidance and support. This will advance your career in the web3 space and ensure you receive the recognition and credits you deserve.
  • NETWORKING: Get access to exclusive Discord Channels and Telegram groups!
  • EARLY ACCESS: You will be the first (All-In-Access) to be notified and to know about our upcoming events, NFT releases, and major updates.
  • SWAG & PRIZES: Earn exclusive swag and receive tickets to events such as NFT NY or the ETH Denver. Get paid all expenses for you and a friend to one of our team meetups.
  • TOKENS: be rewarded in $COOL Tokens!


The way to become a part of the MENTHOL FORCE is paved; now, it is up to YOU to use this chance and tell us about yourself.

To participate in our Ambassador Program, you should complete the following steps:

  • Please share the word about MENTHOL PROTOCOL with your community, friends, and family on your social media channels!
  • Submit an application
  • We will conduct an initial introductory interview with all eligible applicants.
  • With a shortlist, we will schedule a second interview to dive deeper into the details and discuss possible application areas with each other.
  • Congrats, You are part of the coolest program in the ReFi sector. Now, let’s change the world!

We hope that this introductory article into the world of MENTHOL FORCE has motivated you and that we will soon meet in person. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us via Telegram or Discord! If you have friends or acquaintances who might be interested in this opportunity, please link them to this article.

In our next week and, for now, final article into the world of Menthol Protocol, we will introduce you to our network of ReFi Guardians!

We are grateful for your active interest in our vision and feel confirmed by the numerous feedback that we are on a mission that will significantly enrich the future of regeneration.

Stay COOL!

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