Menthol Protocol Collaborates with Akbank and ReFi Türkiye

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Menthol Protocol Collaborates with Akbank and ReFi Türkiye

The ReFi Türkiye program, initiated by Akbank LAB and imece, has been working tirelessly for two years to facilitate projects that generate social and environmental impact through new technologies, especially blockchain, in regenerative finance. The program has sought to enhance ReFi literacy and provide Turkish resources on regenerative finance through ecosystem maps, wiki marathons, hackathons, community meetups, training sessions, reports, newsletters, and podcasts. The first project of ReFi Türkiye, Blockchain Carbon Footprint Calculator, is now publicly available on the platform to create social awareness with collaboration of Akbank LAB and Menthol Protocol.

Blockchain Carbon Footprint Calculator On ReFi Türkiye Platform

In this collaboration, a blockchain carbon footprint calculator which is developed by Menthol Protocol using a science-based methodology to estimate and calculate the CO₂ footprint for on-chain transactions is positioned on ReFi Türkiye platform. Users can view the total CO₂ emissions produced by all of their transactions since the time the wallet or smart contract was first used or created. Additionally, the calculator displays carbon footprint equivalents—like tree retention, car usage, and electricity consumption—offering users meaningful and comprehensible insights into the calculated emissions. Furthermore, to help raise awareness, users can easily share their blockchain carbon footprint results on social media. Users can also check the smart contract addresses of projects they are curious about, enabling them to calculate the CO₂ emissions of these projects and reach sustainable funds for offsetting emissions on traditional finance world.

What's Next for Menthol Protocol?

Taking steps toward sustainability awareness and accountability paves the way for innovative decarbonization solutions. This collaboration between Menthol Protocol, Akbank LAB, and ReFi Türkiye is only the beginning. We're actively exploring additional ways to integrate blockchain technology into traditional financial systems and real-world applications to maximize a positive environmental impact. Our goal is to foster an ecosystem where individuals and organizations are motivated to offset emissions for the greater good.

Stay tuned for updates on new projects, partnerships, initiatives, and tools designed to help reduce the blockchain carbon footprint. Together, we can create a transparent and sustainable future, one transaction at a time.

About ReFi Türkiye

ReFi Türkiye focuses on sustainable economic practices by studying nature's balanced systems to design regenerative financial models. Created by Akbank LAB and imece, it aims to combine financial systems with the technology and impact ecosystem, prioritizing social and environmental outcomes. This platform seeks to redefine how we view money and economic models to tackle the climate crisis and create a more inclusive and sustainable future.

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About Akbank LAB

Akbank LAB leads innovation-driven work in financial services since 2016. LAB aims to provide innovative products and services in the fastest way, as well as embedding innovation in company culture through close contact with local and global entrepreneurship ecosystems. As innovation center of the bank, team runs innovative projects that guide bank to the future.

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About Menthol Protocol

Menthol Protocol is the first multi-chain decentralized sustainability protocol that will automatically offset carbon emissions for user or dApp transactions with verified renewable energy and carbon credits from around the world. Menthol’s goal is to empower climate leaders within decentralized communities to drive the transformation towards sustainable growth.

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