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Menthol Protocol’s Core Values

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Menthol Protocol’s Core Values

One of our utmost essential values is COMMUNITY!

It is important for us to find our true selves reflected, amplified, and even formed by our community, starting with our family and friends. In fact, the love for our own tight-knit community drives our eagerness to be part of more comprehensive solutions to the climate crisis threatening us and the generations to come.

Serving a great purpose and attracting like-minded individuals from other communities is a privilege for us. The most beautiful and rewarding part of working in the sustainability and regenerative finance movement is the uplifting spirit of these green-pilled organizations: Community is there to help and support, not to complete the race on their own! Instead, its communities recognize the importance of working together to overcome challenges like the climate crisis.

These green-pilled communities resolved the tragedy of market-concurrence by internalizing the core value of positive-sum wealth and the fact that, in the end, our planet is the most valuable player!

At Menthol Protocol, our mission is to inhale this supporting spirit and to create a community-driven DAO that will govern and further develop our project as THE Blockchain Sustainability Layer!

As a result, we want to see community engagement across all necessary functions of Menthol’s organization. This should include: sustainability experts, web3 engineers, marketers, content creators, artists, community supporters, HR specialists, business developers, governance specialists, project managers, digital experts, and all degens and regens of the crypto space, providing valuable feedback and project support.

That’s why we’re launching our Ambassador program, to allow anyone to get in on the action! Also, this month we will start to announce our business partnerships to spin a dense network of ReFi coordinates.

Our long-term goal is to allow sustainability to be accessible through a community-driven initiative. Only together will we be able to build the maximum focused impact and sustain it!

IMPACT on auto-pilot

Menthol Protocol is designed to become the regeneration intermediary connecting the demand side to the supply side of sustainability products.

Our primary focus is on successfully realizing a fully automated end-to-end solution that is infinitely scalable.

“Looking at the market value, it is apparent that the voluntary carbon credit market is large and reached a record $6.7 billion at the end of 2021. By 2050 the entire carbon offset market is expected to be worth $200 billion.” (Source:

A vast majority on the supply side are ReFi-projects, which enter the market arena as tokenizers of carbon credits. In the first step, they bring their carbon credits on-chain and offer their tokenized green assets to the carbon offsetting market in a second step.

Menthol Protocol operates independently from these carbon asset suppliers. It always acts from the customer perspective, seeking the best market players to offer impactful green assets while using its own protocol as an automated procurement and sustainability system.

Next to its unique features, such as the straightforward one-time set-up, no-code integration, and no loss-sustainability, Menthol sets itself apart from other projects by focusing on becoming the best sustainability middleware, and this also from the perspective of green asset suppliers.

Lossless sustainability for positive climate development is possible through the integration of credit protocols and the use of earned interest to cover all costs incurred.

In doing so, Menthol Protocol’s experience has been that presumed ReFi competitors tend to view our protocol as an additional layer to their own service offer to enhance their demand-side customer relationships.

Consequently, Menthol Protocol positions itself as an easy-to-use ecosystem for sustainability solutions within the Web3-space and real-world projects, as well as for tokenizers of green assets and additional sustainability projects.

REGENERATION, to increase value over time

While sustainability means breaking even, regeneration goes even one step further: it´s about creating long-term value through innovative practices and net-positive systems. Transferring this understanding to the market for climate offsets, which is currently the best solution to the climate crisis, we should not only aim for carbon neutrality but instead for climate positivity!

Regeneration in its original form must be imagined in three dimensions: ecological, sociological, and economical.

In the ecological context, it is primarily about concrete action for the long-lasting improvement of one’s health and of entire micro- or macrocosms. In the sociological context, the term regeneration mainly revolves around practical behavior patterns, such as actively doing sports, practicing constructive teamwork, or simply taking care not to work too much. In the economic field, regeneration is not a new invention, but with the latest opportunities web3 offers, the so-called ReFi-movement enters a new domain with undreamt possibilities. It includes, in short, all efforts within a defined system to create positive results for the good of the public. In achieving that, regenerative economics challenges the existing financial structure that has fueled our current climate crisis. Instead of building an economy based on extraction and destruction, ReFi moves the focus to the regeneration of the Earth and all its goods and services it supplies. It is firmly a paradigm shift from competition to collaboration through all players working in this field, trying to achieve a sustainable and natural system at the crossroad of Web3 and climate action.


These three basic principles are different in content but interdependent in their practical application. That is why we would like to present them combined, not at least because they are based on the same essence: the desire and inner mandate for honesty and transparency.

Our goal is to manifest the maxims of the green-pilled movement in our basic structures so that our combined efforts always serve our Mother Earth and are never driven by simply maximizing the profit.

That’s why Menthol Protocol builds on uncompromising rectitude and ethical standards while serving our community and planet. Open source by nature, and decentralized at our core, we strive to provide our community with a purpose-driven sustainable protocol.

To meet this demand, we have firmly established different possibilities of holding actors in our system accountable. Providers of carbon credits, for example, must stake a fixed proportion of so-called “quality insurance tokens”. — Suppose our community is no longer satisfied with the quality of a specific provider; in that case, a democratic decision by the Menthol Protocol DAO can lead to the withholding of shares of these insurance tokens.

On top of that, leveraging blockchain technology brings even more transparency, accountability, and trust to the sustainability measures of our project.

All carbon credits purchased through our protocol and used to offset carbon footprints are transparently stored with an immutable ledger. This has the advantage that all objects can be tokenized and thus digitally integrated into automated solutions.

Furthermore, Menthol will bring transparency into the selection of its tokens by sharing all insights of the different “CoolPools”, which are lists of certified projects offering carbon credits. By selecting a CoolPool or even creating their own one, users can individually choose their preferences of different impact tokens (e.g. animal welfare, carbon credits, renewable energy credits, etc.).

Essentially Menthol Protocol’s dApp will function as a search engine for on-chain and off-chain individuals & organizations, shedding light on their carbon footprint and show-casting the most climate-positive individuals and organizations in web3 and beyond! We want to make it trendy to overcompensate one’s historical & future carbon footprint and celebrate the leaders of Menthol’s climate-positivity leaderboard!

We now would like to conclude this introduction to our core values with the prospect of the upcoming article, in which we will detail the functionality of Menthol Protocol’s various solutions and products.

Stay tuned and get COOL!

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