New Member for the Board of Advisors: EVAN LUTHRA

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New Member for the Board of Advisors: EVAN LUTHRA

At just 27 years old, Evan has already had an incredible career as an innovative and profitable entrepreneur on dozens of projects. As a Forbes 30 under 30 winner, he has extensive knowledge and experience in mobile apps. His company, “EL Group International,” has regularly developed and delivered apps for major Fortune 500 companies.

Evan’s strategy follows a simple but proven formula: conceptualize, innovate, and execute. Having built and invested in 300+ companies in the last five years with a combined market cap above $100 Billion, he continues to guide and mentor startups across all technologies. He believes in stepping out of the comfort zone and exploring the power of conceptualization, innovation, and execution.

Evan believes in using technology to disrupt existing industries and has companies in diverse sectors, from FoodTech, FinTech, Marijuana, Travel, Nightlife, Food, and Beverage, to Lifestyle, Social, AI, Augmented, Virtual, Mixed Reality, Entertainment, and Fashion.

With his keen insights and digital expertise, Evan is constantly thinking of new ideas that will innovate, simplify, and improve daily life’s quality. In Evans’s own words: “The Best way to predict the future is to build it”!

Besides numerous speaker contributions at different universities and conferences around the globe, Evan spoke about making technology sustainable In New Delhi, India, at a TEDXSRCC-Talk in 2013! Being early with this state of mind AGAIN, Evan proved his green-pilled beliefs nearly a decade ago.

Evan talked about the consequences of the excessive consumption of rare earth elements and other materials used in the manufacturing of smartphone & technology devices. The excessive consumption of rare earth elements at the current pace across the globe can become a significant problem in the coming years. Evan emphasized how to tackle this problem of depleting resources through recycling and reusing the materials used in building technology devices to have constant technological growth.

Since then, Evan Luthra has never stopped integrating sustainable solutions and mechanisms into the development processes of his numerous ventures. — This green knowledge head start, in connection with his experiences of making a great idea work, makes him a perfect advisor for Menthol Protocol!

Our entire Team says: “WELCOME EVAN LUTHRA! We are happy to have you on board, helping us to make mother earth a COOLer place!”

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