beCOOL: A Metaverse Event for Climate Action and Web3 Technology

April 21, 2023

In a recent Twitter Space discussion hosted by Menthol Protocol, a diverse group of speakers from various organizations and projects came together to discuss climate action and Web3 technology. The event, titled "beCOOL," aimed to make Web3 the first climate-positive industry. The discussion was followed by an immersive metaverse event in Decentraland, featuring gamification, wearables, and voting activities.

The beCOOL campaign, organized by Menthol Protocol, has been in the works for over a year and a half. The campaign aims to engage the community from the get-go, focusing on brands' corporate social responsibility measures. The campaign also features an environmental metaverse experience, showcasing various environmental projects.

Menthol Protocol's vision is to make Web3 the first climate-positive industry. They have developed an access and automation tool that allows companies and individuals to track and display their carbon footprint. More importantly, it automates the compensation of the respective non-avoidable carbon footprint, inviting the community to participate in the choices of which projects to support, ensuring transparent and verifiable customer engagement.

The Twitter Space discussion featured speakers from Metawear, Acquire Finance, Pigilat, Jasmine Energy, and Dot Moves, all of whom shared their latest updates and how climate action fits into their respective strategies.

Metawear, a digital fashion manufacturer, aims to reduce the carbon footprint by reducing the necessity for physical production through digital fashion. Acquire Finance focuses on lowering the barriers of entry for people to participate in Web3 and renewable energy credits. Pigilat is an NFT-backed lending platform that democratizes financial solutions for NFTs. Jasmine Energy is a marketplace for climate assets, focusing on renewable energy credits. Dot Moves is a remote peer-to-peer sports competition gaming platform that aims to democratize sports and reduce the carbon footprint associated with physical sports equipment.

The event concluded with an invitation to the Decentraland metaverse event, where participants could explore different quests and vote on various initiatives. The event demonstrated the potential of Web3 technology in driving climate action and engaging the community in a fun and immersive way.

In conclusion, the beCOOL campaign and the subsequent metaverse event highlight the potential of Web3 technology in driving climate action. By bringing together various organizations and projects, the campaign demonstrates how Web3 can be used to engage the community, track and offset carbon footprints, and make Web3 the first climate-positive industry.

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