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September 2, 2022

In the latest episode of Menthol Protocol's Twitter Space, the team delved into an engaging discussion about their vision, mission, and the much-anticipated beta launch. The conversation was filled with insightful tidbits about the future of the project, the power of web3, and the potential of blockchain technology.

The session kicked off with a warm welcome and a recap of the previous episode, where the team reintroduced Menthol Force. Led by growth maverick Daniel, Menthol Force is an initiative that aims to contribute to the project's growth and future developments. The team also expressed their gratitude to Amir, the marketing guru, who meticulously plans and ensures the smooth execution of these sessions.

The discussion then shifted to the disruptive potential of blockchain technology. The team emphasized that blockchain is not just a topic of academic interest but is at the forefront of practical applications in the web3 market arena. The power of web3 communities to leverage technology and create financial programmable ecosystems was highlighted, with the team noting that this technology has the potential to transform the "winner takes all" market of the platform economy.

The conversation then turned to a pressing global issue - the climate crisis. The team discussed how web3 technology could be used as a pillar technology to address this crisis. They also explored the concept of impact tokens and how their accessibility and ease of use could fundamentally accelerate climate action and corporate social responsibility.

Regeneration was a key theme in the discussion. The team explained that regeneration is the second step in a two-step approach to solving the climate crisis. The first step involves reducing our carbon footprint through responsible consumption and innovative processes. The second step involves offsetting the remaining non-avoidable carbon footprint through carbon offsetting markets.

The team also introduced the concept of regenerative finance, which involves creating more value over time and allowing systems and designs to include all stakeholders, including Mother Earth, in the equation.

The session concluded with a sneak peek into the beta release schedule and the go-to-market action plan. The team expressed their excitement about the upcoming developments and invited partners to apply as beta users.

Menthol Protocol team further discussed the concept of regenerative finance, highlighting its contrast to traditional finance. Regenerative finance fosters circular systems rather than exploiting for short-term profits, which often leads to numerous global problems. The team also shed light on various projects, all aiming to create acceptance, awareness, and dissemination for regenerative finance. One of the main goals is the tokenization of green assets and embedding them into smart digital ecosystems powered by web3.

The team then took a moment to reflect on their journey so far, acknowledging that they are at a crucial tipping point with the upcoming beta release. They expressed their excitement and anticipation for this significant milestone. The team also took the opportunity to appreciate the diverse and dynamic group of individuals that make up the Menthol Protocol team. With 20 core contributors from all around the world, including the USA, South America, Germany, Turkey, Slovakia, Iran, Pakistan, and China, the team operates around the clock to push Menthol Protocol forward.

The team members were individually acknowledged for their contributions. Egermann, the gifted backend developer, was praised for his technological expertise. Itech, responsible for every design, social media post, and logo, was thanked for his creative work. Mitch, an expert who transitioned from the oil and gas industry to become a strong climate expert in web3, was appreciated for her thought leadership. Other team members, including Daniel, Islam, Munir Sultanaban, Ashley, and Emmanuel, were also recognized for their unique contributions to the project.

The team's diversity, dedication, and expertise are truly inspiring. Their collective efforts are driving the Menthol Protocol project forward, making regeneration accessible and affordable through smart tech leveraging web3. As they prepare for the beta launch, the team's excitement and commitment are palpable.

the Menthol Protocol team acknowledged the contributions of several other members. Manual, the digital dynamo, was praised for his content creation skills. Summit, the legal eagle, was appreciated for his role in handling legal matters and securing partnerships. Southern, the mentor wizard, was recognized for his involvement in various processes and his guidance to the team. Dennis, one of the tech wizards, was thanked for his work in enchanting the world with positivity.

The team also acknowledged the contributions of Erhan, the CEO of Blockset, who provides operational structure and technological solutions. Jane, a full-stack developer from China, was also recognized for her contributions. The team expressed their excitement to visit Jane soon.

The team then delved into the story behind Menthol Protocol. They recalled Elon Musk's criticism of Bitcoin's energy consumption last year, which highlighted the importance of sustainability in the world of web3. This led to the founding of Blockset, the parent company of Menthol Protocol, by More, Adhan, and Salem. Blockset has deep expertise in climate tech and web3 and supports the green vision.

The team also discussed the core values of regenerative finance, which they have defined in their own way. These values include community, impact, regeneration, accountability, trust, and integrity. The team emphasized the importance of understanding regeneration in three dimensions, which allows for the growth of value over time.

The Menthol Protocol team then delved deeper into the core values of regenerative finance, emphasizing the importance of understanding regeneration on three levels: ecological, economic, and social. They highlighted the importance of unconditional love as a fundamental value for working together and fostering inclusivity within the community.

The team then moved on to discuss the theories of platform economy from an academic perspective, aiming to understand market dynamics and fundamentals. This understanding, combined with the technological stack and financial ecosystems of web3, is crucial for understanding how Menthol Protocol aims to solve problems and who the stakeholders are.

The team's vision is to make regeneration accessible, affordable, and integrated into everyone's life through easy-to-use smart tech leveraging web3. Their mission is to be everywhere where climate action is needed. The team acknowledged the global climate crisis and the need for climate-positive communities and technologies. They also recognized the challenges of being sustainable, particularly in the web3 space.

The team discussed the difficulties in calculating carbon footprints and the inefficiencies in the carbon offsetting market. They also highlighted the trust issues in the market, with the potential for low impact tokens, double claimed tokens, or even completely fake tokens. Against this backdrop, Menthol Protocol was created to offer an end-to-end solution, starting with calculating on-chain emissions.

The Menthol Protocol team then explained how the protocol works. It's a simple three-step process: set your climate target, copy-paste your smart contract addresses into the "cool pool", and stake impact tokens which will be consumed over time according to your carbon footprint. The "cool pool" represents an individual or organization and allows them to put their sustainability goals on autopilot.

The team also discussed some of the features of the protocol. One of these is the concept of "no loss sustainability", which involves staking a part of the user's treasury and using the generated interest to purchase impact tokens and compensate for their carbon footprint. The protocol is independent from green assets and targets both on-chain and off-chain markets.

The team then moved on to discuss the theory of the platform economy from an academic perspective. They described Menthol Protocol as a multi-sided platform that connects and caters to the needs of both the demand and supply sides

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