BETA Launch with Evan Luthra

September 12, 2022

Hello everyone! Today, we're going to dive into an insightful discussion that took place in a recent Twitter Space hosted by the Menthol Protocol team. This episode, titled "Episode 8: BETA Launch with Evan Luthra," was a captivating conversation about the upcoming beta launch of the Menthol Protocol, featuring special guest Evan Luthra.

The Menthol Protocol team has been diligently preparing for their beta launch, introducing a unique feature that allows users to offset their on-chain transactions. This feature is part of their broader vision to align the incentives of all stakeholders in the web3 space, creating a more sustainable and environmentally friendly blockchain ecosystem.

Before the launch, the team has been focusing on building a multi-chain decentralized sustainability protocol that automatically offsets carbon emissions. This protocol is designed to be user-friendly, with a no-code approach that makes it accessible to a wide range of users.

Community building is a significant part of the Menthol Protocol's mission. They are actively encouraging their followers to engage with them on social media, particularly Twitter, to foster a sense of community and shared purpose. They are also in the process of building a governance system and are on the lookout for high-caliber contributors to the protocol.

The Twitter Space was graced by the presence of Evan Luthra, a renowned figure in the tech and crypto space. Despite his busy travel schedule, Evan joined the conversation from Zanzibar, Tanzania, sharing his excitement about the Menthol Protocol and its potential to address environmental concerns in the blockchain space.

Evan's journey in the tech and crypto space has been marked by a keen interest in web3 and regenerative finance (ReFi). His entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to sustainability make him an ideal advisor for the Menthol Protocol, and his insights added a valuable perspective to the discussion.

The conversation was not just limited to the Menthol Protocol's features and vision. The team also delved into the token utilities of the protocol and the importance of community involvement. They emphasized the need for users to stay tuned for upcoming developments and to actively participate in shaping the protocol's future.

In conclusion, the Twitter Space was a vibrant discussion about the Menthol Protocol's upcoming beta launch, the potential of blockchain technology to address environmental concerns, and the importance of community involvement in the web3 space. With the Menthol Protocol's beta launch on the horizon, the future looks bright for sustainable blockchain transactions.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Menthol Protocol team, and don't forget to join the conversation on Twitter!

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