Menthol Protocol's CoolPools - A Deep Dive into Web3 Sustainability

August 12, 2022

In the third episode of Menthol Protocol's Twitter Space series, the team delves into the world of CoolPools and their crucial role in the blockchain and web3 space. The discussion, led by Ashley and Amir, features Mo, the "Green Block Bender," who shares insights into the Menthol Protocol's CoolPool, its utilities, and its potential for driving environmental sustainability.

The Journey So Far

Ashley kicks off the session by reflecting on the journey of Menthol Protocol so far. From team introductions to discussions about sustainability and the protocol's development, the team has come a long way. The addition of new team members and the continuous engagement of the community have been instrumental in this journey.

Understanding Web3 and Regenerative Finance

Amir takes the stage to provide a recap of previous discussions and to set the stage for the day's topic. He explains how regenerative finance differs from traditional finance in its ethics, strategies, and fundamentals. Unlike traditional finance, which focuses on wealth accumulation and short-term value extraction, regenerative finance aims to create circular systems that benefit all stakeholders, including Mother Earth.

The conversation then shifts to web3 and its potential to accelerate climate action. Amir explains how web3 brings the innovation of tokenization and underlying financial systems, which is particularly beneficial for the carbon credit offsetting market as it brings liquidity, automation, and trust.

Introducing Mo, The Green Block Bender

Mo, the creative mind behind the name "Menthol Protocol," shares his journey from being a rocket scientist to becoming a key player in the blockchain sustainability space. He explains how the name "Menthol" was inspired by the idea of cooling the world and making NFTs cooler. Mo emphasizes the importance of the people working on regenerative finance, highlighting their optimism and desire to make a change.

Why Now is the Perfect Time for Menthol Protocol

Mo believes that the current landscape is ripe for Menthol Protocol. The demand for sustainable applications is growing, and the tools needed to create the protocol are now available. The team has also secured partnerships and investors who are interested in projects that are economically viable and have a positive social and climate impact.

CoolPools: The Heart of Menthol Protocol

A CoolPool, as explained by Mo, is a Menthol user account that can represent an individual or an organization. It allows users to choose their settings for climate positivity and select the carbon credits they want to use to offset their carbon footprint. The protocol takes over the process, making it interoperable and easy to manage.

The Role of DeFi in Menthol Protocol

Menthol Protocol leverages DeFi in various ways. Users can deposit funds into their CoolPools, earn interest, and use the interest to pay for their emissions. This approach reduces customer churn and makes it easier for users to manage their financial commitments to sustainability.

Wrapping Up

The third episode of Menthol Protocol's Twitter Space series provided a deep dive into CoolPools and their role in promoting environmental sustainability. The team's passion for creating a sustainable future through innovative blockchain solutions was evident throughout the discussion. As the Menthol Protocol continues to evolve, it's clear that the team is committed to driving change and making a positive impact on the world.

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