Menthol Protocol's Values and Vision

October 14, 2022

In a recent Twitter Space, the team behind Menthol Protocol, including Amir and Ashley, delved into an in-depth discussion about the values and mission that drive their work. The conversation was rich, enlightening, and full of insights into the world of Web 3.0, blockchain technology, and their role in addressing the global climate crisis.

The Core Values

The Menthol Protocol team emphasized three core values: trust, community, and impact. They believe in the importance of integrity and accountability, not just for themselves but for Mother Earth as well. They are determined to save our planet and want to inspire the rest of the world to follow suit.


Ashley, who hails from a small town in Hawaii, spoke passionately about the value of community. She believes that addressing the climate crisis can only be done together, and community is key to growth in any arena, not just within the Web 3.0 space. At Menthol Protocol, everyone is a core contributor, coming from different backgrounds and levels of expertise, but united in their mission to address the climate crisis.

Trust and Impact

The team also emphasized the importance of trust, which forms a strong foundation for purpose-driven brands and communities. They believe in the power of Web 3.0 and blockchain technology to foster trust and transparency, which are crucial in their mission to make regeneration affordable, accessible, and integrated into everyone's life.

The Mission

Menthol Protocol's mission is to integrate ethical and social action into economic activities. They believe in the power of regenerative finance, which aims to make sustainability and regeneration not just affordable but also accessible and integrated into everyone's life.

The team is working hard to build a green protocol and wants to bring everyone along on this journey. They aspire to not just build a green protocol, but to create a platform that allows individuals and organizations to easily calculate their carbon footprint and purchase and retire environmental impact tokens to become climate positive.

The Vision

Menthol Protocol envisions a world where regeneration is affordable, accessible, and integrated into everyone's life. They believe in the power of Web 3.0 and blockchain technology to address the global climate crisis and are committed to making this vision a reality.

The Future

The team is excited about the future and is currently in the testing phase with their partners and internal team members. They are looking forward to keeping their community updated on their progress and are eager to hear feedback and ideas from their community.

In conclusion, the Twitter Space was a testament to Menthol Protocol's commitment to their values and mission. The team's passion for community, trust, and impact was evident throughout the discussion, and their dedication to addressing the global climate crisis is inspiring. As they continue to work towards their vision, they remain open to ideas and feedback from their community, reinforcing their belief in the power of community and collaboration.

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