Prime DAO and Menthol Protocol: A Discussion on Regenerative Finance and Climate Positivity

April 6, 2023

In a recent Twitter Space, Menthol Protocol and PrimeDAO came together to discuss the future of finance, focusing on the intersection of Web3 and climate change. The conversation was rich with insights, ideas, and the shared vision of creating a more sustainable and environmentally friendly financial system.

The discussion began with an overview of PrimeDAO, a cooperative that supports projects contributing to a sustainable financial system. The cooperative believes that the future of finance lies in the convergence of DeFi and Web3 technologies. PrimeDAO's activities within the regenerative finance ecosystem include incubating and mentoring projects that align with their mission, providing liquidity strategies, and fostering collaboration within the ecosystem.

Menthol Protocol, on the other hand, is a team of 15+ individuals from diverse backgrounds, including aerospace engineering, back and front-end development, and energy expertise. Their vision is to create a tool that makes it easy for anyone to become climate positive, with the ultimate goal of making Web3 the first climate-positive industry.

The conversation then shifted to the concept of regenerative finance. This emerging field differs from traditional finance in its ethics, fundamentals, and strategies. It's about creating circular systems that price in social and climate impact, something our traditional financial and economic systems often neglect. The tokenization of positive actions and impacts, both environmental and social, was highlighted as a key aspect of regenerative finance.

Four projects were nominated by PrimeDAO for the Cool Campaign, an initiative by Menthol Protocol that encourages projects to become climate positive and take responsibility for their environmental impacts. The nominated projects were GoodDollar, Shamba Network, Aquarius, and Trash.

GoodDollar is a global movement that offers free crypto to anyone who wants it, empowering individuals to onboard into the crypto space. Shamba Network is empowering smallholder farmers and agricultural businesses by leveraging innovative technologies. Aquarius is bringing innovation to liquidity protocols, and Trash is supporting and building an infrastructure system for rewarding plastic collection.

Menthol Protocol's Cool Campaign aims to make it easy for everyone to be part of the climate crisis solution. It allows anyone to create an account, track their carbon footprint, and offset their historical and future footprint. The campaign will officially launch on Earth Day, April 22nd, with 60 projects participating.

In conclusion, the discussion was a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation in tackling global issues like climate change. Both Menthol Protocol and PrimeDAO are committed to driving positive change and creating a better future for all. As we move forward, the intersection of Web3 and climate change will continue to be a space of immense potential and transformative solutions.

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