Q&A: ASK Menthol Protocol

October 28, 2022

Hello everyone! Today, we're going to talk about a fascinating discussion that took place in a recent Twitter Space, which was recorded and shared on YouTube. The conversation revolved around Menthol Protocol, a unique platform that aims to make sustainability accessible, affordable, and integrated into everyone's life.

What is Menthol Protocol?

Menthol Protocol is a platform that allows users to offset their carbon footprint in a transparent, verifiable, and automated manner. The platform achieves this through a feature called "cool pools," which are essentially user accounts that hold three things: your carbon footprint data, your sustainability setting, and the liquidity to act upon the climate setting you chose.

The Cool Pool

The cool pool is a unique concept introduced by Menthol Protocol. It's an account where networks, dApps, or individual wallet users can create a cool pool, which represents their carbon footprint and allows for automated end-to-end solutions to offset their carbon footprint.

The cool pool holds liquidity, which can be any altcoin. This liquidity is used to purchase carbon credits, which are then retired, offsetting the carbon footprint of the user. The cool pool can also tap into DeFi revenue streams, using only the generated interest to purchase carbon credits.

The Roadmap

Menthol Protocol has an exciting roadmap ahead. The team is working towards their beta version one release, which is expected to be launched by the end of November. They are also planning to participate in the Next Block Expo, aiming to make it the first climate-positive event of its kind.

In the long term, Menthol Protocol aims to be the go-to platform for automated sustainability. They plan to expand to areas such as NFTs, metaverses, and gamified projects. The team is also working on a global marketing strategy, focusing on regions like Europe, Turkey, Latin America, the US, and Asia.

Partnerships and Expansion

Menthol Protocol is actively seeking partnerships to strengthen and develop their ecosystem. They are starting with tokenizers of carbon credits and are also looking at web 3 and non-web 3 B2B and B2C market segments.

When it comes to global expansion, the team is focusing on web 3 in the first step but is eager to venture out into the non-web 3 B2B and B2C markets. They are also considering creating a separate brand for the non-web 3 world to make the transition smoother for companies unfamiliar with crypto terms.

Final Thoughts

Menthol Protocol is a promising platform that is leveraging blockchain technology to make a real impact on the environment. By providing a transparent, verifiable, and automated way for individuals and organizations to offset their carbon footprint, Menthol Protocol is making a significant contribution to the fight against climate change.

The team's dedication to their mission, their innovative approach to sustainability, and their ambitious roadmap make Menthol Protocol a project to watch in the coming years.

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