Regenerative Finance: A New Dawn in Sustainability with Menthol Protocol

September 9, 2022

In the seventh episode of Menthol Protocol's enlightening series, we had the pleasure of hosting Alan Laubsch, a pioneer in Regenerative Finance (ReFi). The discussion, recorded from a Twitter Space, was a deep dive into the intersection of finance and regeneration, offering valuable insights for those interested in finance, climate change, and the future of our economy.

The conversation kicked off with warm greetings from Ashley, who was calling in from San Francisco. She expressed her gratitude to the audience for their continued support of the climate positivity and regenerative movements. She also highlighted the previous week's discussion, which featured core team members and their work within the web 3 space.

The spotlight then shifted to Amir, who took the audience through the workings of the Menthol Protocol. He explained how the protocol is designed to bring cooperative constants to the forefront of the DeFi audience. The protocol offers a landscape of carbon offsetting at the fingertips of its users, allowing them to offset their carbon footprint automatically. This is achieved through the creation of 'cool pools', which can be initiated by any individual, organization, or community.

Amir also touched on the recent beta launch of the Menthol Protocol. The beta version is a permission system that allows for healthy growth of the protocol. It starts with a whitelist of wallet addresses that can create cool pools. The aim is to eventually evolve into a permissionless system with the Menthol Protocol and its 'cool token' as a public good.

The discussion also hinted at the potential of AI, big data, and blockchain in carbon footprinting. These technologies are seen as key drivers in the journey towards a regenerative economy and the role of purposeful currencies in incentivizing planetary regeneration.

In conclusion, the Twitter Space was a testament to the Menthol Protocol's commitment to climate positivity and regenerative finance. The conversation was not just about the protocol itself, but also about the broader implications of these technologies for our planet. The Menthol Protocol is not just a project; it's a movement towards a more sustainable and regenerative future.

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