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Decarbonize web3 & beyond, without the hassles

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Decarbonize web3 & beyond, without the hassles

Menthol Protocol strives to make sustainability more accessible, affordable and integrated seamlessly into our everyday actions.

That said, we realize that being only carbon-neutral will not be enough!

We are currently in a golden hour, perhaps the last, before it will be forever too late to get the climate crisis under control. That’s why the actual goal of the Menthol Protocol is set higher than just being able to balance our carbon footprint. Instead, we give you all the tools needed to become climate-positive!

This approach shapes an essential part of the growing ReFi movement, namely the implementation of long-term strategies to build regenerative and decentralized systems, intending to create value for all stakeholders, including mother earth!

We at Menthol are a part of this significant movement of green-pilled individuals, striving to innovate with technology and community, ultimately making the world a better place than we found it!

Where should we start?

In recent times, we have seen the repercussions of a global recession, COVID-19 pandemic, and war, all of which have had terrible and continuing tolls.

Subsequently, climate change impacts everything from geopolitics to economies to health! We see a trend of unpredictable famines, prolonged droughts, and rising sea levels that break levees. Heat waves hot enough to burn human flesh are already a reality and will only become more prevalent.

Imagine all of humanity’s problems as waves on a collision course with humanity itself: Climate change is more pressing than the rest and amplifies every other problem we have as a species and civilization! It is by far the single greatest threat that our kind faces.

If we don’t achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, the quality of human life on Earth will hang in the balance.

A promise of the green pill movement and regenerative crypto-economics is to stop gambling with our resources and start creating positive-sum wealth!

To take the green pill means to:

  • Create positive externalities and be net-positive!
  • Build a balanced system and create an equilibrium.
  • Fulfill human needs.

We at Menthol strongly believe that together, as a determined and well-connected community, we will be able to jointly overcome this challenge by turning the climate crisis into climate action!

We will not put our heads in the sand but instead innovate with foresight toward regenerative solutions and do our best TO BE THE CHANGE we want to see in the world.

Methol’s central vision is to allow everyone to be part of the solution and automate the sustainability process hassle-free!

This involves:

  • Calculating an individual’s carbon footprint
  • Curating high-quality green goods in the form of carbon credits
  • Offsetting one’s carbon footprint by purchasing them

Menthol Protocol is open source allowing anyone to take responsibility and become climate-friendly in a transparent yet convenient way!

To express our core value of “transparency” and integrate it into our product vision right from the start, we are currently building a search engine that allows us to list all dApps and user wallets based on their carbon footprint. There will be an integrated leaderboard that shows the individual projects’ climate-positive scores and distributes rewards to those who are already particularly committed in being climate-positive!

“The carbon credit market reached $7 billion last year and is projected to grow to $50 billion by 2030.” (Source:

Bringing carbon credits on-chain adds significant efficiencies to the market by enabling individuals and corporations to internalize the cost of emissions and reduce negative externalities. By incentivizing more sustainable and regenerative practices, on-chain carbon credits will help facilitate and boost our vision!

Within a series of five articles, we will now take you on a journey into Menthol Protocol and show you our way of achieving public wealth.

Our goal is to allow regeneration to be accessible through a community-driven initiative, so please join in our vision and mission by sharing yours today!

Find our fast-growing community on Telegram and Discord, and check out the “green-pilled”-Community. Take part in the movement!

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